The Warning Signs of Pressure Sensor Failure

On the vehicular aspect, oil pressure’s main function is to send control in units to the gauge in the dashboard or oil pressure light. When a pressure is detected, the lights shuts off or trips a switch or may even cause the gauge to become active.

pressure 1

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A faulty pressure sensor may result to inaccuracy in the pressure warnings as well as warning. That being said, it is an important factor that signs that can lead to failure be recognized. Here’s some points that may send signal that a pressure sensor must be replaced or must be tested:

  1. Engine oil light must be remained on. Sometimes, a warning light can say it all but this is not an outright guarantee that everything is working well.
  2. An extremely high or low oil pressure reading is a symptom of failure. The latest car models has oil pressure gauge which can be found in a car’s dash. However, the older models is not equipped with such.
  3. The erratic oil pressure readings. This is the most evident indicator of a breakdown.

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