Common Malfunction Causes of Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are prone to malfunctions. Although most switches and its parts are rough and is a solid-state devices, these have a limited lifespan and is vulnerable to damage from different causes. This has been evident so the necessary maintenance should be done on a periodic time manner.


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Here’s the common malfunction causes of pressure switches:

  1. Chemical Damage – The solution is to avoid exposing the pressure switch and its materials to incompatible chemical and solutions.
  2. Electrical Interference – Electrical tests can be done which includes overvoltage resistance and load dump.
  3. Water – Ensure to avoid the water getting into the device, however, incidental contact is most likely inevitable in most of the applications.
  4. Temperature – Most electronic device functions at a specified ranges of temperature. The use of above or below temperature with reference to the standard may lead to a failure.
  5. Pressure – Similar to temperature, a switch is designed to function at a standard pressure set, working beyond or below the standard failure may cause a breakdown.

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